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Granulator Demon

SCRAPCOPPERWIREGRANULATOR.COM -  Industrial Style - Maximum Output Copper Plastic Wire Recycling & Granulating SystemGranulator Demon

Welcome to SCRAPCOPPERWIREGRANULATOR.COM, where we carry the most advanced and progressive tools of Recycling machinery in the Copper and Wire Recovery Industry. Our aim is to bring to you the professional Granulator Demon -a perfect machine for your Industrial business, to increase and maximize your Outputs and profits from the currently booming Recycling Industry, while reducing your labor and maintenance costs, and preserving the Environment.

Combining the most advanced wire separation and filtration systems, you will not be disappointed! At only $19,995.95, the Granulator Demon we are offering, are the best machines on the market, with a maximum output of 80-100kg per Hour, and a Copper Recovery rate of an incredible 99.9%. This means not only profit for you, but also the most efficient way to reuse valuable copper resources, that are already limited in our environment, and for which the cost is steadily on the rise!


Copper Wire Recycling Machines are so popular across the Recycling Businesses as they do not only help decrease pollution on earth, and reduce the unnecessary wastes by totally reusing and repurposing old plastic, aluminum and copper for brand new machinery or globally used product, they are also extremely proficient in generating a new form of revenue for any Industry that is looking to incorporate them in their recycling output.

The recyclable materials that our Granulator Demons are able to minimize into small pallets, are found in almost every piece of home and professional equipment today - so you can't do wrong!  Our Wire Copper Granulators are able to recycle and pelletize materials found in telephone cables, building wire, door knobs, locksets, wall clocks, car radiators, air conditioners, and small amounts in other major appliances such as refrigerators and clothes washers.

Copper is undoubtedly the most preferred and predominant choice of metals in the electrical industry because it carries a high rate of conductivity, both electrical and thermal. Nowadays, copper is greatly requested and costly, so the output of wires you recycle will also ultimately equal your profits! It only makes sense to equip your business with the right Wire Stripping Tools such as Our Granulator Demon and Wire Strippers (as presented below), to maximize and grow your business! Industrial Granulators are essential for every Recycling Yard !


 Technical specifications 

  • Model 400 Crusher;
  • Vibrator Blower;
  • Dust Collector/Blower;
  • Vibrator Motor;
  • Plastic Collector Blower;
  • Total Power - 12KW - One of the most powerful on the market today!
  • Weight - 2000Kg;
  • Size L - 1500 x W 1500 x H 1900;
  • Output - 80-100 KG/HR;


  • 380V 50Hz - $19,995.95 + SHIPPING
  • 220V 60Hz - $23,995.95 + SHIPPING
  • 220V 50hz - $23,995.95 + SHIPPING
  • 380V 60Hz - $23,995.95 + SHIPPING
  • 440V 60Hz -  $23,995.95 + SHIPPING
  • 440V 50hz - $23,995.95 + SHIPPING


You won’t be disappointed purchasing this cable recycling machine from SCRAPCOPPERWIREGRANULATOR.COM or GranulatorDemon.com. We’re so confident that you’ll appreciate our service that we offer a 24/7 helpline, excellent after sales care and can ship your wire stripper granulator throughout the world.

See the Granulator Demon on YouTube

Copper Wire Recycling Business with the Granulator Demon

Our Wire Copper Recycling Machine - Granulator Demon -  will be the pride and profit for your business!  At only $19,995.95 Plus Shipping, you will soon make a number of profits from your plastic and wire recyclables. Our machines are easy to operate, and are safe to work at your yard for a long time.  They are easy to maintain and if you should ever experience problems within the first year of your purchase, feel free to contact us! We provide a one year warranty!

Order your Industrial Granulator Demon today and generate profit from plastic copper recycling for your business!

All of our Industrial Granulators, such as the Granulator Demon and the Zagato Granulators  include a variety of tools and feature a full granulation system, a vibrator, dust extractor and electronic distribution control box for Copper Wire Recycling! You are free to utilize our machines to recycle copper, fiber optic wire, telephone wire, computer wires, e-waste wires, ultra waste wires!

You can order the Industrial Granulators for $19,995.95 by simply filling out the order form  or calling us to speak to our Sales Specialist at . Financing Options are available! We accept Credit Card Payments as well as Paypal Payments! So convenient!

We encourage Copper Wire Recycling Yards and Companies - Contact Us 
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Granulator Demon Operating Manual

You can download our Granulator Demon Operating Manual by clicking here.

Granulator Shopping Online:
Our machines are the best on the current Scrap Recycling Markets, and deliver a top range of functions that will be essential for any recycling business! Order your Wire Industrial Granulator  - so you can profit from this recycling industry.

We offer freight shipping throughout the whole world, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can take advantage from our low competitive price.

You can purchase this cable granulator demon simply by filling the order form, using your credit card or through PayPal. Your information is secure (Secure Sockets Layer) and will not be disclosed or sold to any third party. Our secure server encrypts all personal information, including your name, address and credit-card information so that it cannot be read as it is transmitted over the Internet.

We are currently offering 10 powerful  Wire Stripping Machines:

Blue Thunder Wire CutterDiablo Strippers

Diablo Strippers

        BluThunder Stripper

Power Supply: 110V 50-60Hz 1.5Kw;
Wire Range: 078'' (14AWG) - 1-1/2'' OD;
7 Channels OF Cutters;
Combined Gear & Chain Driven Function;
Cutting Speed: 75 feet of cable per minute;

  Only $995.95  

       Diablo Stripper 32mm

Diameter Capacity: 1.5mm-32mm
Motor Power: 1500W
Motor Voltage: 110V 60Hz
Production: 4500 Ft/Hour
Channels: 10 Channels

  Only $995.95   

    Diablo Stripper 50mm

Diameter Capacity: 1.5mm-50mm
Motor Power: 2.2KW
Motor Voltage: 110V 60Hz
Production: 1Meter/Second
Channels: 11 Channels

Only $1395.95
Diablo Strippers Mini Diablo Wire Stripper Baby Diablo Wire Stripper

     Diablo Stripper 150mm

Diameter Capacity: 50mm-150mm
Dimensions: 138cm x 62cm x 124cm
Motor Power: 5500W
Motor Voltage: 380V
Production: 100-1000kg / 1 Hour

   Only $6,995.95

     Mini Diablo Wire Stripper

Diameter capacity: 1.5mm-40mm,34 AWG-1 1/2" Wire, 34 Gauge Wire, 750 MCM
Manual Hand Crank
Channels: 10 Cutting Channels
Blades: 10 Cutting Blades (Guarded)

     Only $399.95

     Baby Diablo Stripper

Diameter capacity: 34GA up to 3/4"
Machine weight: 18kg (40lbs)
Manual Hand Crank
Channels: 5 Round Wire + 2 others

 Only $299.95

Granulator Demon CutterCobra Wire Cutter MegaBee Scrap Wire Stripper's 21 Cutting Channels

          Granulator Demon

Vibrator Blower;
Vibrator Motor;
Total Power - 12KW;
Weight - 2000Kg;
Output - 80-100 KG/HR;

  From $19,995.95 

          Cobra Wire Cutte

Standard with a Minimum 1.5 KW;
Aluminum Motor: 110V/60Hz;
Blades last a minimum: 12.000 Feet;
Direct Gear Driven, Single Blade;
Average Speed: 40-60 Feet / Minute;

     Only $1395.95 

     MegaBee ire Cutter

Voltage: from 110V to 380V;
Power: 2.2KW;
Weight: 110kg;
Daily output: 600-1200kg;
Number of wire cutting channels:21;

Only $1395.95


Zagato Granulator

Seperate up to 800lbs per hour with a 40hp granulator.
Seperate up to 500lbs per hour with the 25hp granulator.
A 1hp Baldor Motor on the seperation table.
A dust collector with a dual canister filtration system and cleaning action arms.
Unless in stock, units are built to order 60 days lead time.

Only $49,995.95                                     

Warranty Information

We offer a 1 year warranty on your wire stripper's motor. In order to receive a replacement motor for a defective or malfunctioning motor during the warranty period, the original part must be shipped back to our warehouse. All shipping costs will be covered by the buyer.

By purchasing our product you are in full and clear agreement of accepting our warranty terms.





For our Australia Customers - Please purchase the additional shipping fee, otherwise we wont be able to fulfill the shipment.


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